Our Happy Closet : Week 14

Friday, May 23, 2014

A few weekends ago, I traveled to Torino and Milan. We decided to go by car to enjoy the view of the country and have a little change of scenery. Both are beautiful cities but due to previous arrangements I spent most of my days in Torino. What a beautiful city it is! After being in a big city like Rome for months, I felt like I was in a different country, complete opposite of Rome. Bluer skies, cooler air, and less congestion. The great thing is that they have an amazing bike transportation system [to bike]. I didn't plan on taking clothes to ride around the city but I paired leggings with all the loose dresses that I took and it worked out fine. The weather was IDEAL, not too hot not too cold, so a light scarf added the perfect touch to a simple outfit. Really enjoying these last few weeks in Italy!

* All photos and text by Katty for Xiokat.
** This is the last Our Happy Closet from Italy!


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