Our Happy Closet : Week 12

Friday, April 18, 2014

Week 12! You know the days and weeks are flying by when you realize the last post that went up is from Week 11's Our Happy Closet! The weeks have been full and the weekends fuller. I have an upcoming trip to New York and next month we are heading to Austin with some of my girls for you know what. What does this have to do with our happy closet? Nothing really, just wanted to share since traveling is something I always look forward too. And by not shopping as much means I can really treat myself for a few special things for and on these trips. I've been really sticking to my uniform of jeans and simple tops, but now that its warming up I'm really looking into adding some lightness to my usual attire. Hoping to get some inspiration on the streets of NY, as long as the cold does not creep back in! 


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