The Roma Diaries #1

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

As I mentioned in a previous post here and also here, I have decided to go on an extended trip. That's right, 1/2 of Xiokat will be living in Rome for 3 months! So how did this come about?
Over winter break, a friend who is living in Rome came into town and invited me to go visit her. And well, I couldn't say no. I decided to leave my job, pack my bags and go for 3 months, so I can really soak up the city and have the living abroad experience. I will be leaving this Thursday! 
In keeping with "Our Happy Closet" series, I have packed very lightly, taking only the essentials - a couple of jeans, already existing tops and the only long sleeve shirts I purchased recently to wear under sweaters. Living in South Florida, I don't own too many "winter clothes", so this purchase was necessary.

I am really excited for this trip and even though my sister and I will be on two different continents, Xiokat will not be left behind. In fact, I am taking a small sewing machine, sketch books and lots of books to work while I am over there. I will post as much as I can and keep you updated here on the blog. You can also follow my journey via my personal blog here or instagram.

ciao ciao!

Credits // Image by Kat of our latest bag design, available in the shop soon!


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