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Friday, January 3, 2014

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The year has started and everyone around us is excited and sharing their New Year resolutions! We love a fresh start and have our list of goals too. Goals on personal improvement (read more, eat better, meditate, work out); goals about our business (blog more, focus and create pieces we love); and overall goals about saving and purging and living a more simplified life. One of our goals is to add a style series to the blog, but we wanted to have some meaning behind it instead of the usual "outfit" post. Enter Our Happy Closet.

I first read about The Happy Closet on Pink Ronnie's blog - a beautiful space where she documents life through her gorgeous photography and heartwarming words. Her Happy Closet series is about contentment with what you already own and not feeling the need to add anything. Ronnie shares her journey through editing and living with the pieces of clothing in her closet. I love this concept because 1) I need to save more and 2) I do (now) like most of the pieces of clothing I own. Eventually, I would love to invest in more quality pieces from the brands that I love, but that will come later and once I determine what I really need.

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Last year, I really began to take notice of my closet and I began to see a pattern of colors and styles. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals with my only brights being blue and some greens. I had a few other colors, and I noticed I rarely wore them. I had my go to outfits and pieces. So why did I have so much stuff in my closet? And why - the all time question - did I feel that I had nothing to wear? I purged before I moved, and felt happier with less. I realized that a full and cluttered closet was really the problem. So I tried to shop less but still had a hard time staying away from the clearance rack at Target! I still feel there are some things in my closet that I don't really wear or love, but am not ready to part with.

I shared these thoughts with Katty, as she did some closet purging over the holidays, and we got the idea for this series.

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We both really want to do a big closet (and style!) makeover. Editing our wardrobe to the essentials while each honing the style that is really us. Katty and I have different styles but at the same time share a similar taste in clothing. It really couldn't have come at a more perfect time, since I am trying to save as much money as possible for our wedding and other events and travel plans this year. Katty is also trying to simplify and prepare for a few months abroad. By not buying clothes, we are forced to use the items that we own and also take notice of the pieces that never get used, are too worn or just don't really fit our style, hopefully making it easier to let go. We like to give second chances sometimes, so we will try to incorporate some into an outfit and if it doesn't work, its out! It will also allow us to take notice of what is missing in our closet, so we can invest in that item as needed. This will be tricky, but we promise to share any "valid" purchases we do make!

I'm really excited about this series, even though I'm not a fan of being in front of the camera, another resolution I need to work on! I also like that this is consistent with the mission of Xiokat, since we are designing and creating quality, one of a kind pieces that we want to own and wear ourselves. We hope to find them a happy home and a happy closet to be a part of!

We will start next week, but in the meantime, here are some links for inspiration :
- Ronnie's Happy Closet series
- Veronica shares some inspirational closets to start the new year!
- Madelynn has been (beautifully!) curating her wardrobe to meet her style with investment pieces that she loves!
- Cuyana is also a brand we love that shares this concept of less is more

If you get inspired and want to join us on our journey, please let us know!

- Xio


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